Far Too Obsessive
I Need a Fic

Okay, so I was just thinking the other day, about how Dean refers to the bunker as the Batcave and how his parents are dead and I was like, “Holy shit, why haven’t I seen fics where he’s actually Batman?” and then it all flowed out and expanded into this beautifully glorious universe that I absolutely must read but can’t write because, well, I’m not that gifted and it’s too good to mess up. 

So here’s the idea:  Dean is Batman, yeah, obvious. Sam is Robin; either Dean took him in like in the comics or they’re actually related, idrc. Dean and Cas are best friends but Cas is all shy and adorbs and hides the most awesome part of himself from Dean because he thinks that he’ll lose his best friend if he doesn’t. But yeah, so he’s a cross-dresser and he like goes to clubs or whatevs, and on Halloween he dresses as a cat. And then like, you know, he somehow runs into a crime scene or something and ends up beating some douches up with his stellar karate skills and saves someone, and thus Catwoman is born. (The costume will probably have to be a bit different because, like, I don’t think you can hide a penis in those leather pants, but then again, what do I know.) But yeah, so then Batman and Catwoman keep meeting up and there’s all this sexual tension and whatnot, and even though Cas is still undeniably head-over-heels for Dean, he enjoys being so brazen and flirty with Batman. Until Batman gets hurt and Catwoman goes to take care of him and discovers that it’s really Dean and then holy shit, man, like I don’t even know exactly how he’ll deal with it but he’s stunned and doesn’t know how to act around Batman/Dean anymore, and poor Dean’s so confused by his friend’s suddenly increased shyness around him and doesn’t understand why he has the urge to scoop him up and never let him go and make out a little bit, and okay, maybe he should start considering that he might be a little bit bi. 

And Azazel can be the one who murdered Dean’s parents in front of him and Crowley can be the Joker and you’ve got plenty of characters for other villains and I just need this. Preferably super long, no major character deaths, with lots of updates and good writing and fluff and smut, obviously Destiel endgame and I’ll probably cry if someone does this for me. If anything like this has already been done, please let me know and send me a link because I need this in my life like yesterday.